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Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Shahid’s origin is from Jhang (Punjab), Pakistan. He has more than forty years of professional experience in teaching, training, counseling, psychotherapy, psychological testing and special education both in the USA and Pakistan. He is the author of research articles and 15 professional books in Urdu, has been involved in research and clinical psychological evaluation, supervision, teaching and developing skills at the university level on psychological ailments and clinical treatment, has participated in national workshops and seminars, and is equipped with versatile cultural knowledge of both eastern and western educational and psychological aspects of human nature. He is a NYC & NJ Licensed Bilingual Psychologist and New York State Certified Psychologist. 

Dr. Shoaib Shahid has presented media programs for community mental health and mass education in Pakistan and the USA. He has also acted as chair or participated in panels of professional and educational works. Before joining the COMSATS-CIT (HEC), Islamabad, Pakistan, as Foreign Professor in Psychology and Special Education, he had been working as a CSE bilingual psychologist in the NYC Department of Education, where he conducted psychological evaluation, planning sessions on counseling and educational development of the Asian American community in New York.


Dr. Shahid has also worked as Chief Psychologist in the National Task Force of the Prime Minister of Pakistan for training psychologists for rehabilitation of earthquake affectees of Pakistan and AJK, and has just completed the HEC research on “Impact of self-esteem level and instructor’s role during the psycho-social and academic development of students of CIIT” for the duration of one year, as well as research and presentation on “Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan” and “Clinical Portfolio of a Terrorist.” 

After completing his assignment as Foreign Professor of Psychology, Dean of Social Sciences & Humanities, at the University of Wah, Wah Cantt., Pakistan, Dr. Shahid has relocated to the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), where he is serving as the President of Psychological Foundation for Human Innovation, in research and professional services to the deprived classes in the underdeveloped countries. 

Dr. Shahid is a research-oriented clinician and professor of psychology. He has not only recently published his five years of research work in three volumes of "Psychological Foundation of the Qr'an", but also a regular weekly author of fresh weekly articles on Linkedin and Facebook which is responded by the respective truth-seekers. At present his new creation "SHOAIB NAMA" autobiography along psychological research articles are under process of edition.   


“My goal of life is to explore the human nature and help the needy population according to individual maximum potentials. I feel pleasure in teaching and training the young generation as well as the truth-seekers to develop the quest of human nature and self-awareness to meet the daily life challenges of self-survival. Moreover, I would like to equip them with the professional psychological skills to resolve the mental health issues in the present era through the Divine knowledge presented in the Qur’an which creates insight and motivation for a meaningful balanced life. Having been exposed to both eastern and western culture and clienteles of versatile ethnicity, such experiences have assisted me to understand the psychological needs of the masses through the in- depth study research of the Holy Qur’an.”

What am I? Where am I going?

A View About Life


              WHAT AM I? AND WHERE I AM GOING?

              (A Psychological Review of Human Nature)

Since the birth of an individual, he is restless and trying to shape himself in the existing and available environment. Social workers, religious researchers, and intellectuals of various disciplines have been trying to seek this riddle by naming it as psyche, spirit, Ruh, soul, mental functioning skills, inner-self, behavior, etc., but are still undecided on a single definition. American Psychological Association (APA) has 56 divisions. They are following the apparent causes without touching the deep domain of human origin, i.e., Ruh. 

In fact, the Creator knows better than the creature itself. It is difficult for mankind to be knower and known at the same moment. So, through the life-span till the end, each one is conducting research within its disciplines yet unable to see this power. The body is just a source of expression of it, since when a Ruh leaves the body, it turns to be meaningless, lifeless and becomes dust with the dust. Despite all types of facilities and researches, a human being is still mortal, have no definite control on sickness, mental process, or nature like air, water, seasons, fire, etc., but claims to be super like the Originator and Creator of the universe.

In comparison, man-made knowledge has limitation and is indefinite as no one can tell what a real an individual is or his mental functioning skills and intentions, etc. No one can be hundred time accurate about his inner billions of cells and inter-exchange system along the billions of outer covert and overt stimuli, etc. Moreover, the process of change is the part of nature on which humans have poor jurisdiction. Although Allah has blessed humans by birth with insight (right or wrong) and skills of a Naib and curiosity by birth to explore the natural treasure around him, till Zunn (judgment), questionable knowledge will emerge during his deductive logical tools and objectivity. The process of exploration will remain active in scientific areas and progress will be due to built-in refinement of human Ruh and body over the life period.

The negative hidden attributes of human nature arise when he loses balance under temptation and the power to control others. He loses self-control, is interrupted by worldly attractions and passes time in illusions to gain more, knowing that all will remain in this world and even his business colleagues, children, health, and sources would not save him from death. 

In this process, mankind mostly loses its spiritual power and turns arrogant, corrupt, selfish, barbarous, unjust, and mostly forgets the purpose and attributes of a pious Naib attributes. Rather he applies his wisdom for self-centered benefits, creating own paradise, controlling sources with own domain, has poor tolerance for the fellow human beings unlike social, caring human beings and enjoying the natural blessings of life and natural surroundings. 

The above quoted questions are provided 1440 years ago with logic and unchallenged authenticity by the Creator (Rub) how Adam was created with unique status of Ruh as Naib (Al-hijra 26-30), originally was nothing but shaped into beautiful form (Ateen -4 & Al-dahar 1-3), produced in generations through a biological process (An-nahal 78). Ruh is the order of the Creator (Bani-israel-85), is like life/light (all the electric equipment’s turn to useless when electric current is not available) which is invisible like Him, has unique individual skills like Him (Wahid- One), is restless in nature (Al-balad-4), glorified in creature (Bani-Israel 70) and Ruh is in control and constant in touch/supervision for his activities and minute intensions (like a wireless link with the Server), will be recreated for the accountability after death by Allah (Al-qima 3-5) who has provided him with all knowledge (Al-aadiat 6-8) so give importance to Ruh nourishment than body. As mankind has provided attributes of Naib with freedom of individual choice, so logic demands for a fair justice of all on set rules. So, individuals will be called to question for the accountability process that he has used the sources provided to him in the life-span, he has used it in a justified manner without hurting the other domains of life. those who follow the given direction for correction and aware of the final accountability process, they keep on a control on their power of choice in the life period.

In short, those who pass a natural life, enjoy the nature and get involve with the natural surroundings with justice and thanking the blessings of the immortal Lord.



Participating in a Panel or Individually as A Judge of Others' Work in the Same or Allied Fields

Research &  Presentation in various Universities & National Forums on 

“Extremism  and Terrorism in Pakistan” –“Clinical Portfolio of a Terrorist”. 

Principal Investigator

  1. Higher Education  Research Project on “Impact of Self-esteem Level and Perceived  Instructor’s Role during the Psych-social and Academic Development of Students of CIIT”. Principal Investigator 
  2. National Task Force of Prime Minister of Pakistan for Rehabilitation of Earth-quake Affectees of Pakistan & AJK- Chief Psychologist, for training local psychologists 
  3. Developing Wah University Wah Cantt., Wah, by Introducing Courses and administration as a Dean of Social Sciences & Humanities under HEC approval - Founding Member of University
  4. Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad – Member Selection Board 
  5. Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad – Member Research Cell, Development of Tests for Selection, etc. 
  6. President of Pakistan Committee to Overhaul Superior Civil Services of Pakistan – Member Psychologist.
  7. Afro-Asian Psychological Association – Executive and Organizer, and In Charge of Scrutinizing the International Papers on Counseling Psychology and Clinical Psychology 
  8. Pakistan Society for Child Abuse & Neglect – Secretary General (for all kind of research evaluation of international and national papers, etc.)
  9. Anti-Narcotic Organization of Pakistan – Project Director for mid-way drug control affairs, etc. 
  10. Participation as Expert & Guest Speaker, and Judge of the Courses in institutions of national importance like – Psychology Department of Punjab University, Armed Forces Medical College, etc.  

Main Presentations in Workshop & Seminars 

  1. Teacher and Taught Effective Relationship 
  2. Main Psychological Techniques for Relaxation in Day Today Life 
  3. Impact of Stress and Increasing Trend in Psycho-physical Disorders 
  4. Effective Communication Techniques in Daily life 
  5. Conflict and Resolution Process 
  6. Impact of Belief System in Developing Countries 
  7. Soach Sumandar (Human Depth in Thinking Process) 
  8. Art in Clinical Hypnosis
  9. Human Development and Personality Impoverishment 
  10. Functional Behavioral Analysis and Management in a Crisis 
  11. An Age of Stress and Strains 




Published Books on Clinical & Professional Aspects


Ø (2016) Psychological Foundation of the Qur’an: Creating Comprehension in Adolescent and Truth Seekers

Ø Psychological Foundation of the Qur’an & Current Deterioration in Muslim Ummah (Analysis & Resolution)

Ø Psychological Foundation of the Qur’an & Mental Health Directions (Analysis & Solutions)

Ø A Wondering Child Looking for Self Recognition and Destination Under Process (Autobiography : SHOAIB NAMA)


Psychological Foundation for Human Innovation (Nonprofit organization)

Research as well as contribution toward psychological, educational, medical & social support to deprived citizens of the underdeveloped as well as developing countries of the world.