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The Pschological Foundations of the Qur'an



EVEN if nothing can come out of nothing, we are still left with believing EITHER in a preexisting Creator and Sustainer of the Universes and of all that is contained in them, OR in a preexisting ethereal energy that has evolved into all that we have at present. In both cases, the process has taken the same length of time, which is estimated to be zillions of years. In former case, it all has been a process of creation and then its evolution as planned and programmed. In the latter case, everything has depended on chance developments and, in the case of living beings, under the rule of natural selection and survival of the fittest. 

SINCE we are anyway expected to be honest, modest, kind and generous, whether because of society’s demand, by the country’s law or in obedience to God’s guidance, it would be better to connect to God everyday by praying, to stay “charged.” Even if it happens to be a placebo effect, it would provide us with hope, a sense of belonging and prevent us from falling prey to despair. Whether or not we are accountable for our actions in the Afterlife, it would be prudent to be prepared for it in case it happens to be a reality. Being able to deal with uncertainty is a sign of maturity. It would be better for one to lay trust in God and just as well accumulate the points for one’s performed righteous deeds.  

SINCE faith goes beyond reason, it would be vital to build it on a strong foundation, on evidence as reliable as an axiom. The Holy Qur’an does not expect anyone to believe in God blindly. The Holy Qur’an invites everyone to learn from History, to observe and explore Nature, to ponder on one’s own birth, and then to decide whether or not to believe in God. Believing in God but not believing in the Sovereignty of God is a farce. Observing God’s Guidance in some and ignoring it in some other aspects of one’s life is hypocrisy. Muslims do not have a separate God of their own – the Arabic word for God is Allah.

HOLY QUR’AN provides complete guidance to lead an admirable, successful life encompassing all aspects of human life. No Qur’anic Verse abrogates any other Verse of Holy Qur’an. Allah has taken the responsibility of preserving every letter of the Qur’an. Even Prophet Muhammad (peace is upon him) has no authority to make any addition, subtraction or alteration in the Qur’anic Text or in its intended meanings. The only way to safeguard oneself from the prevailing myths about Islam and from falling into the pitfalls of distortions created in the Holy Qur’an is to study the Qur’an Word-for-Word; translations and commentaries made by the scholars of different schools of thought can be helpful in seeing which explanation fits best to the Qur’anic Text. 

ACCORDING to the Holy Qur’an, we are supposed to make technological advancements, formulate pre-calculated lunar and solar calendar to fix dates and timings for use in everyday life. There is no punishment for blasphemy or apostasy, Allah wants us to observe patience despite feeling grief. Stoning to death punishment is inconsistent with the Holy Qur’an.  

HUMANS are a distinct entity among all living beings. Just compare the change of lifestyle in chimpanzees and the change of lifestyle in case of human during the last five thousand years. Allah created both Adam and Eve from the same “Nafs.” The Holy Qur’an holds both Adam and Eve equally responsible for getting enticed and eating the forbidden fruit. Men and women have equal rights upon one another.

PURPOSE of this preface is not to quench thirst but to make the Reader feel thirsty and to get ready to set on the odyssey Dr. Shoaib Muhammad Shahid has set. Dr. Shahid is an eminent psychologist, an effective psychotherapist, an accomplished author and an eloquent speaker. People of different fields have also appreciated the Holy Qur’an from their specialty’s point of view. Dr. Shahid’s is a scientific contribution of Psychology in the study of the Holy Qur’an. Dr. Shahid’s book is about the scientific basis of psychology (a scientific knowledge based on observation, law of causation, objective in nature with own references and terminology). 

THE book contains three volumes based on logical analysis and research on human nature, origin of the universe, psychology of religions and history of mankind, prophets’ role as human guides on all human affairs by meeting the challenges of all the critiques, and adolescents’ present day psychological issues which need directions from the Qur’an. 

THE author has provided logical data about various human social aspects of human beings by addressing the current deterioration in Muslim Ummah like Bidaha, terrorism, insufficient women’s rights, outdated teachings and practices, mis-information created by certain Mullah/Imams in the masses, and craze for power in the Muslim world (Analysis & Resolution). Dr. Shahid has done a laborious job in presenting a comprehensive research about Human Nature and Related Issues Addressed in the Qur’an with Reasoning, current psychological mental health directions, socio-cultural system in the Qur’an with unique data as well as the preventive and curative measures revealed in the Qur’an about Mental Health Directions (Analysis & Solutions) preserved since 1,430 Years. THE book appears to be based on decades of professional experiences of the author about human psychology. Instead of traditional writing about faith, all the data is explained with logic and reasoning. The author has tried to present each concept supported by the holy verses of Qur’an only. He states that it is a challenge to all the present day psychologists that the Qur’an revealed 1,430 years ago by the Creator is more objective than the human (creature) psychological knowledge, as the Qur’an is authentic in nature and endorses the previous books. Dr. Shahid narrates that his goal is to cut down the sectarian versions and personal interpretations in Islam and reunite the Ummah only under one umbrella that is Allah (monotheism), the Holy Prophet (Muhammad PBUH as the human servant and Rasool) and only one Holy Book of Qur’an revealed to mankind for guidance in life.

I see that Dr. Shahid has dealt with the subject matter in an exhaustive manner and presented it in a lucid style free of technical jargon. Islamists and terrorists misunderstand or misinterpret the Qur’anic Verses. Like the Message of the Holy Qur’an, the exemplary Noble character of Prophet Muhammad (peace is upon him) is timeless. I highly recommend Dr. Shahid’s book in English for the truth seekers and young generation about Qur’an as it generates insight and retrospective process for self-correction and peace in a serious reader.


Ahmed K. Nazir, M.D. 

New York State Licensed Psychiatrist and Author.                (09/22/2015)