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Personal Data

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8/1976-5/78 Doctorate in Counseling Psychology

University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD

Doctoral Dissertation: “Gestalt Therapy for Sexual 

Awareness in Marital Units”


Counseling & Psychotherapy, School Psychologist Services, Behavioral Analysis & Treatment

2/1975-8/76 M.S. in Counseling Psychology 

University of Nebraska


Counseling & Psychotherapy, Psychological Testing, Counselor Education Services 

7/1962-6/64 M.A. in Psychology

University of the Punjab, Govt. College, Lahore, Pakistan

Post-Doctoral Internship and Research

1978 West Iowa Mental Health Center, Dennison, Iowa

Psycho-diagnostic & Psycho-therapeutic Services, 

Marital & Family Therapy

Internship and Practicum

1977-78 Midwest Center for Human Development, Sioux City, Iowa

Counseling & Psychotherapy, Psychological Testing & School Psychologist Services 

1976-78 University of South Dakota, Vermillion, South Dakota

Psycho-diagnostic & Psychotherapy, School Psychologist Services

1975-76 Counseling & Testing Center, Univ. of Nebraska, Omaha, Nebraska

Counseling & Psychological Testing, Special Education Services     


Past Experiences & Professional Achievements

Teaching, Administration and Clinical Practice


Foreign Professor of Psychology, Dean of Social Sciences & Humanities, 

University of Wah, Wah Cantt., Pakistan. (Contract) 

As one of the founder member of the University and the Dean of Social Sciences &Humanities,

I established and organized the courses, staff, books, and laboratories for related subjects; donated current books & psychological tests for MS classes in Psychology, was involved in teaching, counseling, and training of the post-graduates as Clinical & School Psychologist services with the regional hospitals; completed Research & National University level Presentation on " Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan (causes & solutions)"; and did HEC Research and provided Supervision & Professional help to the clients.


Foreign Professor of Psychology & Advisor, Higher Education Commission, 

COMSATS-CIIT, Lahore & Islamabad Campuses, Pakistan. (Contract) 

As a Foreign Faculty member/Advisor, I developed BA & MS courses under HEC curriculum system; was involved in Teaching , Counseling, and Supervision; completed HEC Research Project & Faculty Development Program/Workshops; presented Plan on Student Counseling Center; and acted as a Chief Psychologist by the Prime Minister for the Earthquake Effectees in Pakistan & AJK.

                                                                                                 4/1994-8/ 2004  

Bilingual Psychologist, Committee on Special Education,

New York City, Department of Education, Queens, New York. 

As a Bilingual School Psychologist, I was a part of the Committee on Special Education Team for handling referred case of the Queen Region; provided School Psychologist Services; did Educational Planning & assisted the families; and participated in Faculty Development Workshops and training Programs  


Psychotherapist/Behavioral Management                          2/1998-8/2002 

Ultimate Psychological Consultation & Evaluation, PC , Scarsdale, New York.  I provided professional services to severely handicapped clients and family members; administered Psychological Assessment and Behavioral Analysis & Management, Family Counseling & Rehabilitation

Psychologist/ Evaluator                                                           3/1993-4/1994

Health Management Division, Department of Correction, New York

As a Team Member, I served in analyzing the referred NYDC employees' cases, attended Courts and assisted in Professional judgment in the disputed cases. 


Psychologist  Professional Services for Handicapped, New York  I was professionally involved in Observation, Case Planning, Psychological Assessment, Staff Training & Parent Counseling; and Supervision & Guidance in Implementation & Monitoring of Behavioral Plans for Gifted & Handicapped Population.

Vice Principal & Head of Psychology Dept.,                                 1988-91

College of Education,  Lahore.

Teaching & training the Post-graduate students as School Psychologist, Practicum, Administration & Counselor Education Services as well as Educational Planning & Implementation.

Deputy Secretary,                                                                             1988-88

Govt. of the Punjab Dept. of Education, Civil Secretariat, Lahore.

Administration, planning & implementation of Govt. Policies, Introduction of New Plans & Scrutiny of Educational Institutions.

Principal & Professor of Psychology,                                             1985-88 

Post-Graduate Government College, Jhang.

Administration & development of college as a Post Graduate Institution, teaching/training Graduate Student as Psychologist, Staff Development & Parent Coordination, and Psychological Testing & Practicum.

Professor of Psychology,                                                                1983-85

Department of Psychology, Govt. College, Lahore.

Teaching & training the Graduate/Post-graduate students, Educational Research Work & Education Counselor Services, participation in Psychological Analysis & Treatment as well as  Development & Administration of Tests.

Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad.                          1981-83

Administration & research, development & administration of Testing, Selection & Placement, Planning & Implementation of Selection Process by Presentation of New Projects for Selection.


Teaching, Research & Practices in:

Counseling & Psychotherapy,  School Psychologist Services, Testing & Counselor Education Services, Behavior Analysis & Management, Children & Adolescents (Emotional & Sexual Adjustment)