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Welcome to Multicultural Psychological Issues about Mental Health

Welcome to Multicultural Psychological Issues about Mental Health

Welcome to Multicultural Psychological Issues about Mental Health Welcome to Multicultural Psychological Issues about Mental Health Welcome to Multicultural Psychological Issues about Mental Health


(A Thought for Mental Peace in life)


And indeed We have put forth every kind of example in this Qur'an, for mankind. But, man is ever more quarrelsome than anything. And nothing prevents men from believing, now when the guidance (the Qur'an) has come to them, and from asking Forgiveness of their Lord, except that the ways of the ancients be repeated with them (i.e. their destruction decreed by Allah), or the torment be brought to them face to face?” (V-18:54-55)

At the origin of the universe, Adam was created as a privileged creature but when he could not meet the oath of submission, he was expelled from paradise which was a safe haven and security for him. Since Adam’s placement on earth during the process of adjustment, he and his generation are constantly facing insecurity, anxiety and challenges. After the multiplication process, each one is confronted with the same issues of novel environment. Moreover, whenever an innocent, weak and meek child comes in this novel place, he opens his eyes and starts crying to face a new set-up.

Keeping in view the afore-mentioned facts of human nature, since their origin, Adam’s generation life is consistently trying to explore the hidden dimensions of the universe to ease life’s sufferings. Human being is deputy on earth but is exhausted for the sake of survival and the dream to create his own paradise keeps him restless. Despite the progress, restless RUH is constantly struggling for the best to make this earth like heaven, and his constant mission appears to get spiritual peace on this earth. So, he becomes selfish and wild to possess even others resources and sheds blood on earth.

In the stages of civilization, to hold onto power, various countries and groups have created new modern unbelievable facilities but the worst situation is that no one is safe from wars and extremes in various sections of this progressive world.

In order to ease life and the related sufferings of psych/Ruh, various sciences, arts and religions are trying to figure out the causes and solution to serve mankind. The most related fields are the biological and social sciences and religious school of thoughts. Each one is at work to do research to cure the sufferings of mankind

Due to individual, gender, caste, age, cultural and religious variances, despite relevant treatment, human psyche/Ruh remains restless and not satisfied by the rehabilitation. Inner peace and tranquility demands individual contact and a pure link for psychic understanding. Moreover, some are stuck in the past traumas and others are lost in uncertainty and fears of future uncertainties. Most are at the edge of present lifelong and constant challenges.

Among the population, even those who have gained power, health, wealth and worldly resources are still restless with the fear of loss of such provisions in future. Such people visiting the clinicians get a soothing relationship but mostly remain with feelings of emptiness which is due to subjectivity of the clinician and client relationship in the process of rehabilitation and adjustment.

No doubt, human nature of extremes, lust for power, control and being the sole master, is out of control. Capitalist, atheist, and man-made religions are at a loss to find the key of this Pandora box. Adam’s descendents, despite achieving all, struggle to make the luxurious life like heaven but remain in hell. In fact the entire human race have limitations and environmental factors are not within the control, e.g., diseases, death, disasters, catastrophes, etc. In fact, whosoever is human is struggling and at any stage of life is mostly stuck in finding the ultimate key for peace.

After 55 years of research work, teaching and professional practices, both in the eastern and western variant population and religious-cultural value systems of experiencing the clinical/abnormal aspects of human beings, I tried to find out the root of mental health and peace. So, for 14 years I repeatedly studied with logical, objective, scientific tools the words of the universe’s Creator (ALLAH)in the Qur’an about the human nature (weak, strong traits), issues and solution by presenting a moderate social set-up till death, rebirth award system, etc.

In short there is a comprehensive plan to keep applying in life affairs like an engineer’s set pattern for the mankind. The Creator/Originator knows best about His creatures for whose services He created the whole Universal system and guidelines to handle life affairs peacefully. It is easy to pass a wild life or act arrogant but he still he has to taste the death. Everything in the universal system is programmed to serve mankind, for which they must thank Him in following His Qur’an, for the gratitude of His provision and in return get peace for the blessed sources in life. 

While studying a valuable document, it is up to the reader with what intentions (NIAT), he is considering it. Both believers and non-believers study Qur’an, some just read it as fun, others with a critical negative disposition, some take it as philosophy, others as a piece of literature, or others find some deep human-related scientific data in it.

Therefore, the feedback will have an impact on each mental faculty. So, those who take it with intentions to have meditations and concentrate as an altered state of mind and feeling the Creator/Provider/Protector, the devoted person will feel under the shadow of protection and backing as built-in unit with Him. Those who are conscious about the attributes (99 names) of Allah express feelings of highness, tranquility as carefree contented people without any negative pressure of others. It has been narrated in the Qur’an that Allah is omnipresent, immortal, kind, and sole authority to control the destiny of His people. In fact, although freedom of choice is given to mankind in this short life, ultimately everyone will taste death and will be presented alone for the deeds he has done in this world.

So, each person like a driver should run his car according to set manual and the road situation, maintain it on retuning, and use it cautiously according to its model’s years. He must keep in mind that he has been given the car for a specific period (life) and will be called to question why, when, where, how, whom and with what purpose he used it in life. 

In the end, I will suggest to peace and truth-seekers to comprehend each sentence in the Holy Book with scientific tools as there is answer to each human query. The guidelines which were revealed 1,450 years ago, are precise, complete, practical and unchallenged in the oldest book of Nafsiat (psychology), and revealed to the Last Prophet and placed safely in Loh e-Mehfooz but available to all even on YouTube. In this regard, freedom of choice is with the reader.

“Whosoever is in the heavens and on earth begs of Him (its needs from Him). Every day He has a matter to bring forth (such as giving honor to some, disgrace to some, life to some, death to some, etc.)!” (V-55:29)