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A Path to Self-Recognition

Autobiography of a Psychologist



The objective analysis of facts-finding data is often taken as complaining but it is the sole criteria to establish the line of direction in a social set-up. In under-developed countries like Pakistan, holding the monopoly on resources by certain wealthy families is the tragedy of the mainstream population. Corruption, fraud, cheating, nepotism, socio-political favoritism and abusing power are the primary tools of such governments where preaching without practices is the art of further suppressing the oppressed people. It is strange that Islamic followers in the country say not to turn one’s back to the Qur’an and place it at a high place out of respect for the Holy Book but mostly either do not recite it regularly or have no sense of verses quoted for daily-life practices. Family status in feudalism, political heritage and business orientation is the sole tool of progress in this country where poor remains poor and rich gets influence with leaps and bounds. The middle or low class have to face hurdles in each and every step in the vicious circles of corrupt administrators as they feel a threat in their corrupt empire. 

Keeping in view the nature of the ruling class, I always tried to keep my early professional profile low but my self-struggling pattern of calculating risks and time while others were at ease or looking for some human resources seemed unconventional. Under pure patriotic spirit, I relocated to my native Pakistan but every time, my devotion was met with maltreatment of the educationists in power. I even found big hurdles by my own department head (1962-64) who felt uncomfortable over my returning from abroad and rising within a short period. I repeatedly left a bright status, high salary, facilities and key position at the peak in America in the patriotic spirit to serve my native land but unfortunately had to return single-handed when despite all labors and self-made basis, I was unable to change the monopoly that has become a cancer in this developing country.

After tremendous professional training and labor, I now have insight and psychological tools: I can easily reproduce the visual picture of my clients from any stage in my practice. So, it is easy for me to reproduce my life-experiences from as early as two years of age. My goal is to lay out an analytical picture to find out the hidden dimension of human nature. Indeed, each moment of life is a history to learn from faults but I stick to main events of my life. The learned sayings of the respected matriculation teachers (like Faiz Sahib & Subah Sadiq) are a part of my mind. I also owe to great teachers like Prof. Nizam Khan (1958-60) of G.C. Jhang for setting the tune about psychology subject, while the personal guidance of Prof. Pirzada Ahmad Ijaz during graduating from Emerson College, Multan, gave a touch in my intellectual growth and orating skills. I pay tributes to Dr. Joe Davis AP V.C., who developed my counseling insight along Gestalt concept during M.S period (1974-760 at University of Nebraska and Dr. Hudson, my respected Advisor leading to Ph.D. (1976-80) graduation stage. Although all these graceful personalities are deceased, they attributed by their sincere efforts in my personality shaping and career as Psychologist with professional insight. 

1985 was the peak of my professional contributions through book publications and media appearances (radio, TV Programs, regular weekly articles, interviews, etc., in national newspapers). The concept of writing this autobiography emerged while interacting with great scholars like Asaf Pota, Asif Nagi, and Farooq Awan, editors with whom I dealt at Akhbar Khwateen, Akhbar Jehan, daily Naway Waqat, Mushriq, Pakistan Times, Radio Pakistan, and Pakistan National Centers. These well-known column-writers, intellectuals, psychologists, genius clients, etc., motivated me to pen some extraordinary pieces of psychological personal experience as a national guideline for the young from deprived classes struggling to emerge from the clutch of impoverished cultural-political blocks. 

As I was also over-burdened still in my path to reach a mission, I promised to meet their quest at the proper time and started writing piece by piece from 2002 till today as a routine –taking notes after morning-evening walks by jotting down points revealing related thoughts on pieces of papers and preparing a rough sketch to get it edited. A society based on the model of the Holy Prophet has become expert in misusing it to cheat simple, God-fearing Muslims born in this culture. Therefore, without realizing the nature of local editors, in 2005, I paid lump sums two times to get it properly shaped, but they took away the script and the money.

Anyhow, the new transcript is recreated based on revelations of memories with the main goal to provide insight to a layman of even remote villages that if a person like me can emerge out of nothing and meet the goal of recognition as a well-known psychotherapist and writer, even like my neighbor Dr. Abdus-Salam (Nobel laureate) and Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri from the soil of Jhang City, with the same model of industrious spirit and strong belief as Tawakal-e-Khudā, anyone can meet their goals without any fear or foul means in Pakistan. 

After completion of my book, “GLIMPSES ABOUT HUMAN NATURE AND ISLAMIC INTELLIGENCE,” my faith was further confirmed of my challenge to current psychologists (APA) that I found that the current formal theoretical knowledge about human nature subjective and indefinite as it was generated within the last century and a half by the psychologists, intellectuals and sociologists. It varies with time and cultural variances, whereas the Creator has revealed indefinite and precise details about fundamentals of human nature 1,440 years ago. So, He sent His prophet to direct the extremists to pass a balanced life with correction. Man is provided the status of naib (deputy) on earth of unique potential with limitations, but by nature his personal temptations (self) prevail and turn him extremist above the given directions and limits. Besides the positive aspects of human beings, God has pointed out the analysis with curative measures for dominating negative attributes (clinical as psychological aspects) about human beings. These aspects are addressed in the Qur’an, as noted: - 

The basic principle whic strengthens my mission is to have calculated risk, learn from faults, never have self-projection, but rather act like a humble, blessed person of Allah. I follow my father’s saying, “Baita, have tawakal in the Creator as He knows better what is good for you, never be dependent on others; rather pray to the Almighty, never turn become arrogant or feel proud in life as Allah hates Mutakabir who loses reasoning, but blesses the fruits to a bent branch.” 

In short, man himself is the cause of his faults and no one else, so he needs to repent and learn a lesson from faults to emerge as a unique person. I must thank the unique blessings of Allah who embraces an individual with potentials to emerge from the circle of fellow humans. We must remain alert to His words in Ar-Rahman,” Whatsoever is on it (the earth) will perish. And the Face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honor will abide forever. Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?”(V-55:26-28)

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Shahid

South Carolina (USA) 


 At this juncture of life when I am moving toward the destination with self-recognition, I have disclosed the chapters of my life without any fear or pressure of public opinion. As a practitioner and student of psychology, after reaching the saturation of life with the blessings of the Lord, I am encouraged to present the items and factor analysis of life which might provide light or direction to a truth seeker for the resolution of common human factors. 



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