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Clinical Impressions of Human Psychology Revealed 1440 Years

"Ignorance leads to fear, fears leads to hate, and hates leads to violence. This is the equation". ibne-Rushud (Averros)

Under prime power, wealth, politics and health, certain humans turn arrogant. As they are overwhelmed with a persona of superman, under impulsivity, they crush the obstructions which stands in their way to grab and control all the resources within their group. Historically, such abnormal people like Pharaohs, emerged in the nation but they were trapped within their own vicious circle by the circumstances. They remained confused and disturbed despite of hoarding treasures as they have power with limitations. Nature proved that mankind does not realize that death is ultimate destination of mortals and are accountable to the Creator of the universe.

Based on life experiences and fifty-five years of clinical practices and recent research (Psychological Foundation of the Qur’an- 3 vols.), I found that the current formal theoretical knowledge about human nature is subjective and indefinite as it was generated within the last century and a half by the psychologist, intellectuals and sociologist. It varies with time and the cultural variances, like lesbian and gay right; whereas Creator has revealed indefinite and precise details about fundamentals of human nature 1,440 years ago. So, He sent His prophet to direct the extremists to pass a balanced life with correction. Man is provided the status of naa’eb (deputy) on earth, has unique potential with limitations, but by nature his personal temptations (self) prevail and turns him extremist over the given directions/limits. Besides the positive aspects of human beings, God has pointed out the analysis with curative measures for negative and dominating wild attributes (clinical as psychological aspects) about human beings. These aspects are addressed in the Qur’an, as noted: -

Mutatarif (Extremist), Kazeb (Liar), Aneed (Rebel), Zanoon (Subjective assumptions), Khasem (Argumentative), Mujrim (Incriminating), Murtaab (Doubtful), Mufsed (Trouble-maker), Munkir (Obstinate), Maghroor (Arrogant), Mushrik (Polytheist), Amara (Evil), Yaskharoon (Ridiculing), Zaeef (Emotionally Weak), Fawish (Shameful deeds/Malicious), Zalem (Cruel), Jahel (Ignorant), Insaan (Forgetful/short memory), Kanood (Ungrateful to his Creator), Tohmat (Incriminating), Jabbar (Tyrant), Mojaadel (Adverse), Zani (Deviant), Musrif (Extremist), Mutakabir (Boasting), Ghasib (Plundering), Maaker (Cunning), Raashi (Bribing), Munaafiq (Hypocrite), Fitna (Conspirator/troublesome), Khabith (Dirty minded), Ghyr munsif (Unfair), Kaabid (Taking hardship/Restless), Kaffir (Athiest), Fasiq (Immoral), Aajola (Hasty),Yasooa (Turning Bad), Qatoora (miser), Khazool (Betrayer), Tawalaha (Altering the narrated fact), Faajer (Wicked/obscene), Kaazeb (Liar), Jadool (Argumentative, Quarrelsome) Taghoot (Tyrant), Adoola (Reactive), Fakhoor (Exhibitionist), Musrifoon (Spendthrift), Makhzool (Disappointed), Morazoon (Rigid), Tawalaha (Refuser), Halooa (Impatient), Jazooa(Anxious, Upset), Mannoa (Miser), Aaduu (Enemy/Rival), Umyun (Short-sighted), Sumun (Deaf), Nadimeen (Repenter), Khaaen (Traitor/Dishonest), Nafsee (Selfish/Self-willed), Haased (Jealous), Khaasem (Argumentative), maaker (Conspirator), Mureeb (Blocked with confusion), Yakhsaroon (Loser), Kharasoon (Story-maker/day dreamer), Mutakalefeen (Actor/Persona), Yajhadoon (Ungrateful), Muftenoon (Insane/crazy), Kaluha (Easily dishearted), Farara (Reluctant), Moleenm (Disgraced), Muntasir (Destroyed), Tatamara (Antagonist/argumentative), Muzdajir (Dishonorable), Saroora (Deranged), Aashir (Self-centered), Alaudoon (Crossing limits), Manooa (Miser), Khataea (Sinner), Maazeera (Excuser), Bidaha (Mixing to facts), Sahoon (Lost in direction), Motawabaeen (Punished for Arrogancy), Muqsam (Disintegrator/manipulator), Zahed (Retaliator), Ghafiloon (Callous), Mutufafeen (Cheater), Ghaween (Lost) etc. All are confirmed as Khasareen (Loser after life deeds) will be treated with negative reinforcement after accountability process by the Just Creator of the universe.


Since the origin of the universe, mankind is in hunt of a super power while facing hardships, death, disease, losses or catastrophes. Mostly deprived, sick, handicapped, repressed or humble nature are tuned toward religious practices to come out of the crisis in life. Whereas healthy, wealthy, resourceful, dominant and ruling class turn away from it and become arrogant in nature. As the common man was lost in worldly attraction, certain custodians took charge of religion and used it for personal or political gain over innocent creature. They added the concept of super link with the Creator to impress and fooling the masses.

Among all the Abrahamic religion, Islam is the oldest established one based on monotheism (submitting to a sole Creator with noble deeds, avoiding extremism, serving follow men for a balanced life) and the scientific law of observation (yashadoona) and logical reasoning (yaqaloon). On the death of a prophet or holy personality, instead of following their preaching, under law of association, their blind followers took them as agent of the Creator having attributes of the Creator (polytheism). Till today, history records the religious custodians mingling the original words of God (Bidaha) and introducing personality worship (through idols/state/animal/shrines etc.) to attract the masses. Certain professional people (Raheb, Guru, Pier, gaddi nasheen etc.) motivate the innocent people (Jahel) to drop tokens to provide relief and a place in heaven. It has led to rituals, inter-sect fights and extremism toward global religious polarization and wars (Al-inaam-06).

Religion is not philosophy or myth passing blindly generation to generation under fear or anxiety; rather it has scientific facts (tadabbir) based on logic, demanding observation with reasoning (Yatafakaroon) and feeling along a constant individual link to the Creator who is immortal and controls the universe. He has been generating and monitoring living beings under a programmed system (Loh-e-mahfooz). Although each human being (including saints, prophets) is provided with personal choice in life, under neutral accountability process, no one will take the burden of others for his misdeeds (Al-raad-13, Al-namal-27).

A solid religion is not only simple and natural but also provides insight for smooth, peaceful life pattern to the people. In fact, Islam is a simple, moderate religion, a practical and organized social living system with human rights and responsibilities to live a balanced life by praying for the blessings of the Creator. There is a demarcation between the Creator and the creature, so humanity must be respected. There is no compulsion in religion to force people (terrorism, killing the innocent creature) to adopt it after preaching. 

Mere coming from a Muslim origin, caste or name stands no value till proved by the desirable deeds of practical followers with comprehension of the holy book. It is observed that in comparison to traditional Muslim families, newly converted Muslims have more sound knowledge and are tuned to practicing the religion in daily affairs. When there is logical data about only One Creator (ALLAH), His words of directions (QUR’AN) and His messenger (MUHAMMAD PBUH) as a practical model, then why do people have sects and waste time in elaborating it with personal references? Perhaps it is a misleading of the ignorant masses who have no time to comprehend the Qur’an for guidance and look for scapegoating to act as directed; resultantly, the masses (having vacuum) are easily derailed by religious custodians and end with misdirection or confusion. 


· Knowledge is there but modern methods and modes of research with communication sources should mobilize the younger generation about the Qur’an who is enchanted by the western knowledge superiority over outdated Mullahs’ approach. 

· Social scientists in Pakistan unintentionally follow western trends without realizing the cultural disparity; they need to be more socially and culturally oriented toward human nature, in research tools, aware of the language impacts and/or local factors instead of copying the western biases.

· Need for awareness with objective tools to explore the Natural hidden dimensions. Prof/teachers should be made aware in the social sciences departments about this ignored area of Quran. It will add human individual growth and social integrity leading toward social harmony and mental tranquility in the masses.

· Pakistani Researches are mostly theoretical oriented in place of main field-based realities (environment). Social scientist needs to be integrated within various disciplines, global and cultural oriented by integrating the Islamic/Quranic paradigm, applied in various aspects of human relationship. Goal should be to figure out the Quranic data in applying for the human mental health rule and social system to resolve the increasing trend of mental strain and environmental stress in current social/global issues.

· Preference should be given to human values (not animal related research of living beings). In place of paying attention in collecting psychometric data, it should relate to the 1440 years unchallenged knowledge of human civilized rational human beings (Naib) and translation of Quran may be used to compare with current theories.

· Main task is to teach/train and made aware the Muslim Ulmma who lacks awareness of human psychology and are unable to apply it with modern tools with logic and reasoning, resultantly people are scared and ignore the outdated preaching tone (fear/hell in pace of blessings/forgiveness of the Master).

· Middle East is burning due to ignoring the social, cultural and religious sectarianism which are originated by the clever, selfish Muslims who are applying for personal agenda (under the law of compulsion in religion which is against the spirit of the Qur’an).

· Most of the present-day social traumas like terrorism, women killing, family rivalries etc. are the result of ignorance, misinformation, disinformation with negative reinforcement of the Islamic values as interpreted by Mullahs to the ignorant masses. Unfortunately, no one pays attention to the root’s causes. 

Unfortunately, scholars do not realize the scientific basis of the Qur’an which is based on the established scientific properties like law of observation, law of causation, drawing conclusions on reasoning and logic leading to prediction, with terminology, references, an interlink with variant discipline of life. It contains practical common based knowledge, describing past, present and future of mankind for the foresight of mankind. It facilitates further curiosity and research. (It can be achieved only by comprehending each line in place of ritual recitation for blessings).





Psychotherapy is mental chess and a constant challenge for the therapist to handle the crisis situation as a facilitator and leader and not to paint with a particular therapeutic concept. It is only mental treatment and not a physical involvement as the change in thinking brings change in the related physical organs. This phenomenon is obvious in functional disorders, hypochondria, neurasthenia and various stress-related disorders where medical doctor fails but the therapist relieves the client from sufferings.

Despite distinctive human features of reasoning and cognition when a person is trapped under the spell of sharp feelings, he becomes senseless to control the flow of passions which derailed him to extremist, abnormal reactions. Under spell of intentions and predisposition, even intellectual and truth seekers are diverted from reasoning and intensively drive toward subjective conclusions. This is why daily inhuman incidents of killing, raping, robbing, assaults, extremism, and terrorism are taking place in this civilized world. 

The Qur’an as a holy script of human nature is revealed by the Creator. In Surah Yousaf (12), guidance is revealed with a thoughtful narration of human nature. There are details of jealousy for love among the brothers to get father’s (Prophet Jacob) main attention, which forced them to get rid of the innocent brother (Prophet Yousaf) by throwing him in the well, where fortunately he was saved by the water-carrier of a caravan in Syria. Yousaf was sold to an aristocrat who adapted and trained him as a learned scholar and dream-analyst but his mistress was so enchanted for love-making with him that while attempting to seduce Yousaf, she was caught red handed while running after the honest lad. She was obsessed with him so the poor boy chose in the prison for safety purposes. Luckily, when the king had dreadful dreams, only Yousaf was able to clarify its interpretation, for which he was raised to the status of a great advisor to handle the coming period of food shortage in the entire country. As the chief food controller, when Yousaf’s stepbrothers requested grains, he recognized them and made a plan to force them to bring his younger brother, who was taken a prisoner in stealing, as planned by Yousaf. The father who was under constant shock at the separation of his son, further deteriorated mentally and emotionally, and pushed his sons to search out Yousaf as he believed that he existed in the world. So, when again they visited and pleaded for charity, Yosef disclosed how they had treated him, and his life struggles to his status as king of Egypt. So, he ordered his guard to bring in all the family members to him where he thanked the Lord for the reward of his struggles, and for holding a pure character when persuaded for the love-making and getting a high status in the country.

The purpose of presenting the gist of the surah is that under temptation, human beings can even turn brutal in revenge, an older lady of high prestige can sexually assault and try to kill the lover when id impulses are blocked to put him in prison. In the same way, a brother can involve his younger brother to trap the stepbrothers, take his brother in custody and, above all, the father possessed by love of a son becomes blind with crying and regains sight on meeting the dearest son.

In short, even in a normal human being, the nature of feelings prevails over reasoning, character and human dignity and a person becomes evil to achieve his target like a wild animal.

No doubt psychotherapy is a complex, tiresome and deep concertation process which demands patience and devotion with objectivity under professional ethic to resolve the deep-rooted complexes which have ruined the peace and adjustment in a client’s life. A client who has been trapped for long in mental chess wishes to come out with the clinician’s miracle of therapy in the shortest possible time. Under such circumstances, the clinician with sound knowledge and integrated self provides a trustable bond for catharsis, tries to collect information and underlying causes of pain and sufferings, develops a rapport by coming to his mental commutation frequency, shows empathy, and provides feedback according to his mental capacity. He listens to develop a mental picture about the inner mental mechanism within a private, soothing environment. Through systematic desensitization based on the law of causation, he develops insight in the client. Later on, he indirectly motivates him to act out the repressed anxiety, guilt-ridden thoughts, self-rejecting tendencies, creating awareness to locate the condoning process of a hapless and helplessness state of mind. 

The therapist with coordination and mutual support prepares a daily activity chart to convert the anxiety-bound energy into action and mental relief. Although it is hard to take the client out of the trap of fantasies and negative thinking, it takes time to rehabilitate and build a fantasy-free world of awareness with joyful natural living, provides knowledge to reduce anxiety, and equips with method and technique to handle daily life challenges by understanding related people.

In this process, it is hard to get confidence by the therapist particularly with women with sex-related issues as they are over-guarded and perceive it as assaulting, so at the primary stage, a same-gender therapist is recommended to resolve the repressed id impulses. Gradually, dependency is reduced and the client is prepared to be self-sufficient and responsible for his own actions. Family co-operation and social adjustment process is important to make the client a respectable, responsible citizen in his life cycle.

Resolution demands the psyche’s nourishment as a mental-emotional issue, which is done in thinking faculty with relief of repressed id impulses and not practically performing the intensity of the desires which have turned into impulsivity, aggression, or rigidity of thoughts. The extraordinary plus point is a deep frequency to pick up feelings in their originality but the job starts afterwards to share and hold it for a change within thinking and personality pattern. 

                                                                                      (Cont'd in the Book)

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. (Thomas Merton)