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Primarily, psychology remained a section of the subject of philosophy. Among the social sciences, psychology is the fastest-growing subject which has an essential part in human services. As all the divisions of knowledge in arts and sciences are for humankind and psychology studies human beings, it appears to be the essential science of sciences and the art of arts. Currently, American Psychological Association has 58 active divisions which are playing a key role in serving human beings in different aspects. Although there is controversy in defining it, above all, it is committed toward the betterment of human nature.
It is interesting to note that people visit medical doctors for treatment and guidelines to maintain good health but they are scared to visit the therapist for psychological guidance or treatment. They are scared of the stigma of mental illness, whereas they do not realize that mind is in action from birth till death and confronts challenges in life at various stages of development. If a car needs overhaul and tuning, why does this 24-hours active mental functioning not need correction? Human beings know that nobody is perfect but are still over-confident to take proper help in life. People keep on sufferings and hide it from others till they are trapped and rush for drugs which make them drowsy and provide an escape from the reality. Medicine doesn’t provide solution to a problem or change a damaged personality or resolve social, marital or business affairs, rather it makes a person numb to a situation. Mostly at the final stage, family members bring a person who, after excessive use of medicines, has become addicted, paralyzed, lost his awareness due to rigidity or extreme reaction, and has become complicated case. At this stage, it becomes hard even for the therapist to develop a rapport for the treatment.
Those who are educated and have awareness of this treatment, mostly visit at night time and are scared they may not be exposed. Mostly celebrities, army or civil personalities visit late night by keeping their cars away from the clinic. It is suggested that public should be awakened to the importance of mental health in life and this subject should be introduced at high school onwards. Psychological testing and counseling services are needed for the college adolescents who pass through social media pressure and transaction age, and need awareness about emotional and career affairs, etc. People should be prepared to take care of their own selves at the primary stages instead of seeking help from crooks, piers/fakirs and drugs, or self-proclaimed psychotherapists.
Despite a stigma on psychological treatment as western, Freudian-based analysis for treatment, no doubt a psychologist is playing a unique and sensitive role in various fields of human life. There are strict training and professional ethics in certification but a variety of services have proven output in results. As narrated of the sensitivity of therapeutic treatment, there are various social stigmas and confusion about psychotherapy which have been created by orthodox mullahs in the ignorant culture, which emerged as opposition toward psychotherapy while the prevailing forces of crooks (piers, fakirs, magic, etc.) are vanishing.
If a person is overwhelmed with thoughts, over-charged feelings, or becomes absent-minded, then it is hard for him to comprehend a message or deliver a precise message to another. Psychologically, as the communication channel is polluted to pass on a code for decoding, therefore a clinician remains alert to find out the missing link or extended data in such communication as it discloses the unconscious repressed data within the client’s mental functioning process.
In this world no one is perfect and people are looking to adjust with the changing circumstances. So, they plan and organize life like WWWHWW pattern to meet the goals in life. Those who are derailed by the circumstances and cultural challenges have lost not only the self rather the track of destination. In this respect, some manage to get professional service for healing their pains by visiting licensed clinicians to find the lost self, others try to seek therapy to collect the scattered self, while smart ones go to seek further self-awareness to enrich the potentials within a self.


 (Unlike Commercialism, the Spiritual Field needs Patience & Devotion)

In the field of abnormal and clinical psychology, various renowned psychologist and clinician have been working to find out the myth of human nature, mental and behavioral functioning to address the psychological extremities in various human beings living under the umbrella of various cultural and social set-up. Among all the therapists, clinicians or mental health healers, there are remarkable and significant contributions of Freud as a founding father of psycho-analysis, whose projective testing is applied both in psychology and psychiatry even today. His therapy regarding sex-related issues is losing grip with the advancement in social expression and exposures but is still needed in orthodox, confused and repressed culture where guilt feelings and the blocked id impulses rule over the personality and thinking process. 

Besides present popular RET and cognitive therapies, behavioral analysis and management along with the behavior therapy has a remarkable role in clinics, intuitions, organization and family life. There are versatile therapies meeting the psychic needs of the clients from logotherapy to Surrogacy therapy, but they must be done under professional ethics and written contract to safeguard the rights of both client and therapist.

Among serious clients who take notes, seriously follow activity charts, manage the issues step by step at the direction of the therapist, there are also some clients, who instead of getting benefit of the richness of a therapy session, are involved in chatting among friends and family just for fun and pleasure and act jokingly to apply it in life as just proverbs. It adds more confusions and complication to meet the target of the therapy.

My professional experience and insight show that labelling a person with a patient’s title, creates a negative self-concept as he starts visualizing a patient who studies related disease literature and examines the emergence of such symptoms within himself. Therefore, the word client with psychological issues makes them at ease from the self-negation. Practices and data indicate that at times clients come with different goals and agenda to visit a therapist. Some come to seek company and kill time, others come to share thoughts for conformity, while others come to seek advice or information. Besides, some come and act like an actor to test the therapist’s knowledge or personality prior to participating in the session. Some serious ones come to impose their philosophy and concepts as an authority. The interesting part is that some of the labeled hysteria patient who fool the family and play with their sentiments as if they are under the spell of a superpower like jinn’s, when a rapport is created and they are taken into confidence after a couple of sessions, they disclose the real incidents of love, romance or sex. When they are provided insight and words to get their fantastic affair completed by asking their parents for the desired marriage, they resolve the affair and prove to be a well-mannered, decent person in life. Certain clever and aggressive clients who have failed romances express their anger and the therapist has to face hard conditions but gradually they convert their energy toward set goals and prove their talents in their professional or social life. 

In fact, Quran has revealed 1440 years ago that Jinn’s as well as birds and air were under command of prophet Sulieman and when he had died even then they repented to remain under fear of domination of the great prophet. This phenomenon is quoted in V-34:12-14, And to Solomon (We subjected) the wind, its morning (stride from sunrise till midnoon) was a month's (journey), and its afternoon (stride from the midday decline of the sun to sunset) was a month's (journey i.e. in one day he could travel two months' journey). And We caused a fount of (molten) brass to flow for him, and there were jinns that worked in front of him, by the Leave of his Lord, and whosoever of them turned aside from Our Command, We shall cause him to taste of the torment of the blazing Fire. They worked for him what he desired, (making) high rooms, images, basins as large as reservoirs, and (cooking) cauldrons fixed (in their places). "Work you, O family of Dawud (David), with thanks!" But few of My slaves are grateful. Then when We decreed death for him [Sulaiman (Solomon)], nothing informed them (jinns) of his death except a little worm of the earth, which kept (slowly) gnawing away at his stick, so when he fell down, the jinns saw clearly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have stayed in the humiliating torment.”

In the initial stages, the client exhibits reluctance as he has been ignored and abused by significant and trusted family and friends, so he is very cautious in his moves but when he gets individual, confidential attention at his mental and emotional level, he opens to sharing gradually on observing the responses of the therapist in a soothing atmosphere. During the process of clinical sessions, clients go through stages of rapport which vary from individual to individual in a specific culture. As a client is basically exhausted after life-long fighting against the cultural and religious fronts and has learn to be a selfish person, after establishing a positive rapport with the desired therapist, he tries to attach with him as a protective wall. So, he emotionally and cognitively, unconsciously or consciously tries to suck the therapist but later on keeps changing the stand which suits his needs and motives. He establishes emotional dependency and bond with the therapist as an ideal figure (lover/beloved/parent/child substitute of desired figure) and is reluctant to leave him. As the therapist’s goal is to help him grow as an independent, successful person, at the final stages of rebuilding, he engages gradually for the separation process. It is a remarkable point that after developing insight and confidence through the therapist, he even avoids to have social contact and forgets the painful memory or period of disgrace.

Through a common frequency of understanding, sound and stable bosom friend, professional skills and ethics not to disclose or publicize the hurt ego or self, the therapist helps in finding the missing gap. Completing the incomplete person, he is a substitute trainer to handle the practical situation preparing in a clinical set up, answering questions revolving in mind; a stopper, initiator, facilitator; a supporting hand for a regressed, anxious child, crying out but not overwhelmed with the client; a hope for the desperate and depressed person; a light in the darkness in a setup; a guide, a teacher, a healer, a well-wisher without personal motives. So, at the final stage which turns to be a surprising phase for the client to see feedback on life brighten his insight and foresight leading to have an impact of the therapist deep trust and suggestibility as a friend in his life affairs. Professionally, it is proved that when derailed psychic energy is goal-directed systematically and appreciated in developing a positive self-concept, they prove to have a unique personality with productive output in life.


P-3/5        A Keen Clinician Mostly Over-loaded but Needs Constant Feedback with Correction & Eye Contact along Sharp Observation

A therapist uses old concepts and treatment, along with present day goals pending individual issues, inner resolution, belief and personality changing concept. Various theories emerged popular with time and new emergent therapies have appeared. They are man-made research data based on the individual experiences of a particular therapist, like Freud’s experience at that moment in a repressed society about sex problems which enforced him with psycho-analytical theory, and vice versa. Therefore, it depends upon the therapist’s personal orientation, concepts about human nature, philosophy of life and tools of services with which he is involved in therapeutic process of a particular gender, ethnicity, etc., to resolve an individual’s problem.

A psychologist, without his own self-analysis and resolution of personal complexes, can be derailed by a sensitive client. If he is not objective and merely has a degree without self-analysis and long internship under certified clinicians, applying a particular therapy becomes a subjective thing or painting the belief system of a client who is already too confused to control his flow of uncontrolled thoughts. A professional psychotherapist deals with the sensitive issues of clients who have particular complexes emerging out of bad experiences, cultural, religious, personal and social factors, etc. A few of my post-graduate students, excited to treat the genius complexed clients like obsessive-compulsives, were derailed and their parent brought them for treatment. So, a therapist must be emotionally stable with integrated personality to hold his entity objectively to listen and face the flow of emotional power while gradually providing the client insight at his levels without being derailed during the clinical process. As he would have to face complications, he should be equipped with proper knowledge, have insight and self-control, be vigilant about any unexpected situation and the complicated mental functional mechanism. He should remain objective, aware of deep-rooted mental mechanisms, and develop clinical insight through knowledge of variant therapies as a tool to diagnose and apply them in continuous changing in the therapeutic process in the client. 

The client’s nature, versatility, expectations, rapport dependency period, activity chart, case history analysis, application of tests, progress report writing, result expectation depend on the therapist and his client’s orientation, gender, caste, religion, I.Q., E.Q., birth order, professional and individual self to resolve the psychological complexes.

At times if extra information or complicated data is provided to the client without developing the frequency level, it can become harmful. Particularly when counseling is provided on the internet, it leads to negative and deep impact on a sensitive client. Piece-by-piece information according to the individual capacity of client over his feedback generates fruitful and positive output in a session.

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